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Coming Out Ministries is not a traditional ministry that is housed in a brick and mortar building. We commit to coming out daily to reach the unloved, broken hearted, financially stricken and those who are bound with sickness and disease wherever they are.

We build bridges that connects with people on a personal level to ensure access to educational opportunities, training initiatives, spiritual development, social functions and family outings where the lives of people are changed from the inside out.

Our main focus is single parents with young children, senior adults, and young people seeking to reach higher potential.


Coming Out Ministries is overseen by Jennifer Williams.  Jennifer was led by the Spirit and accepted the call in 1997 establishing “Coming Out Ministries”.  Jennifer, her husband Andre and the board of directors of Coming Out Ministry are changing lives daily. Currently Jennifer serves under the leadership of Pastor Carl A. Lucas, Sr., a man with great character and vision. She has helped him establish a Life Skills Ministry for young people. 

Jennifer received her formal Spiritual training from Grow 2 Go Christian Center (G2GCC) under the leadership of Dr. Alfred D Harvey, Jr. She graduated from their Ministerial Apprentice Program (MAP) which is consisted an in-depth curriculum including years of class room instruction as well as practical hands on training.   Jennifer also has over 25 years of leadership experience in corporate America. 

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Jennifer was born in St. Louis, MO as Jennifer Lee. She was educated in the St. Louis Public School system. She graduated and became a single mother who was living a typical defeated life; a life where Satan controlled her by circumstances. She was struggling with relationship issues, parenting issues, financial issues and a defeated attitude. She allowed God to step in and save her.  He  placed mentors in her life that showed her a glimpse of kingdom living. She accepted her call in the ministry and after navigating through various ministries the first few years God sent her to Grow to Go Christian Center. It was there where she met her husband Andre Williams and worshipped for over 16 years. While there, God showed her how to live a victorious life and she knew she had to use her story to change someone else’s story. This is where her journey began and she set out to change the world, one soul at a time.

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